Living in the sunshine state means there are plenty of thirsty people.

Luckily, Zephyrhills has been providing Floridians with refreshing natural spring water for over 50 years.


Zephyrhills is committed to brightening the lives of Floridians by keeping all event attendees well hydrated. By showing up at events across the state and providing samples of its natural spring water, Zephyrhills wanted to enhance its brand reputation, while increasing brand favorability and demonstrating a positive impact on the communities.


With the pandemic and safety protocols still commonplace, TideSmart suggested a “touchless” Hydration Station.

Outfit a full graphic wrapped 30’ Zephyrhills Hydration Station trailer completely re-wired and enhanced to ensure a touchless experience and provide ample social distancing.

Provide event-goers and visitors thirst-quenching all-natural spring water, keeping attendees well hydrated. Hand out water bottle premiums and other select prizes at various events (including handing out jerseys and ticket giveaways at our Tailgate events).


Designed and activated the Zephyrhills Hydration Station to inspire and motivate others to always live positively and look for the good in every situation.

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