Lindt USA (part of Lindt & Sprungli) is one of the world’s premiere chocolatiers.

Lindt USA is also the maker of the Lindt Lindor Truffle, a uniquely “smooth melting” chocolate experience.


Generated trial, affinity and purchase activity surrounding key purchase periods (especially holidays).


Developed a network of almost 3,000 small businesses (like florists, salons, boutiques, etc.) to position sample bags as a "thank you gift" for local patrons.

Provided "white glove" delivery services to ensure product is distributed while maintaining quality standards (e.g. temperature controls).

Utilize a variety of tracking mechanisms (like coupon redemption, retail sales analysis and more) to validate impact.


Delivered millions of targeted samples to affluent consumers in specific geographies.

Efforts corresponded to strong coupon redemption efforts and noteworthy sales lift in each activation market.

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