Maine DHHS "Vaccinationland" Sweepstakes

As the state’s health protection agency, Maine DHHS and CDC save lives and protect people from health threats.


Increase awareness of Maine’s Don’t Miss Your Shot: Vaccinationland Sweepstakes by continuing the momentum gathered from the media attention following the initial Sweepstakes announcement.

Drive traffic to the Sweepstakes website where visitors can register.


Create a multi-tactic approach with mass media for maximum reach and digital to deliver both mass and specific targeting Maine residents 12+, vaccinated and unvaccinated, in areas with lower vaccination rates.

Tactics include creating a 30-second TV ad to be aired on all major local stations, radio, broadcast, cable and streaming TV, as well as Facebook Ads and digital banners.


Through awareness, helped raise $896,809 for the Sweepstakes prize based on the DHHS matching $1 for every Mainer vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as reported on the U.S. CDC website.


An estimated campaign total of 13,059,827 impressions across television, radio, and digital and social ads – 5,356,436 on digital alone.


Television: 3,512,438 traditional TV impressions from 3,261 traditional TV spots scheduled statewide on all major local stations during local news, daytime syndication, sports, specials, and late night. Connected TV delivered 539,638 impressions reaching 114,057 unique people with 518,795 completed video views (96.7% completion rate).


Radio: 3,912,126 traditional radio impressions from 905 traditional radio spots scheduled statewide on 23 radio stations in a variety of formats. Streaming audio statewide on Pandora, SoundCloud, SiriusXM, and companion banners (300x250) when available, reached 70+% of all subscribers.


Display Banners: 2,795,714 impressions delivered on geographic and demographic targeted banner ads of varying sizes that ran on desktop and mobile in zip codes with lower vaccination rates.


Facebook Ads: 2,207,558 impressions delivered on geographic and demographic targeted image and video units (using :30 TV spot). The ads reached 354,625 unique people and yielded 170,151 post engagements and 37,623 clicks (1.70% CTR).







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