3D Printing with the Pros: Outreach & Engagement in the Technology Sector


Some products sell themselves.


Some products, apparently, build themselves as well.

Unless you work in very specific fields, technology like 3D printing isn't available in your everyday life.


Now, picture a massive mobile trailer outfitted with multiple 3D printers and product samples. With practical application across industries from aerospace and automotive to medical, art, and fashion 3D printing is the kind of future technology people have been dreaming of since before Star Trek.


3D printing companies use state-of-the-art materials like thermoplastics, resins, and metals to customize any project or prototype to precise specifications.


With next-level experiential marketing, event professionals can bring technology like 3D printing to people who might never get a chance to see these products in the first place. Watching something like this in action removes the obscurity of new tech and makes it a reality giving potential customers a chance to experience it.


Bringing this mobile trailer to live events, trade shows, conferences, and productions around the country allows people of all ages to experience a new product--a new technology--for themselves.


One mobile showroom showcasing 3D-printed samples of auto parts, bones, and even an extremely enticing (though sadly inedible) slice of pepperoni pizza can bring new technology to the masses.


The future is now.