Mobile Marketing: A Brand Tour on Wheels

Zephyrhills Mobile Experiential Marketing Tour

What happens when a global pandemic shuts down tradeshows? You take your product to the people, of course.

Mobile marketing tours are essentially a brand tour on wheels—like a concert tour that hits locations across the country. A mobile experiential tour exposes those unfamiliar with your brand and your message, using creativity, technology, and a memorable experience to capture their attention.

Being able to pivot to an unprecedented global event with highly customizable, hyper-targeted, and cost-efficient mobile experiential tours allowed agile brands to bring the face-to-face brand experience that prospects craved right to their door—all in a safe and secure environment.

Mobile marketing tours generate brand buzz on the road. Like a moving billboard, companies create immeasurable organic brand impressions that can turn the casual consumer into a brand loyalist.

At TideSmart Global, we do mobile experiential marketing tours—and we do them well.