Multi-tactic Engagement: Using Every Tool in the Toolbox

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When you need to get the word out, sometimes you need to pull out all the stops.

In cases like this, a marriage of traditional marketing and more experimental and experiential marketing tactics can drive awareness.

TideSmart provides traditional marketing such as radio and television media buys, digital marketing campaigns, and public relations outreach.


TideSmart pioneers the experiential.

Dynamic events marketing.

Engaging mobile marketing campaigns.

Interactive touring roadshows, meetings, productions, and activations.

Combining these in a multi-tactic campaign will not only boost awareness through impressions but drive engagement through experiences.

International nonprofit Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sought to raise U.S. consumer awareness of MSC-certified sustainably caught wild seafood and the value of the MSC ecolabel.

To raise consumer awareness of the MSC ecolabel and drive ecolabel purchases, MSC approached TideSmart Global to deliver a program that would field and measure an array of marketing tactics to determine which prove most effective and cost-efficient in achieving this goal.

What followed was a 4-week long dynamic multi-tactic campaign in the greater Boston & Springfield markets. This involved 14 events at farmer’s markets, the Boston GreenFest, and local retail activations at locations such as Whole Foods & Big Y. Anchored by a campaign video series, “Good Catch” leveraged playful, “buzzworthy” content to drive engagement, broad market awareness, media, and PR impressions, all within a modest budget.

The campaign delivered over 180 million impressions supported by PR outreach, select media buys, and strong retail partnerships showcasing the power of TideSmart’s diverse selection of experiential, digital, and traditional marketing capabilities.