Kitchen on Wheels: Not your Average Food Truck

Food Truck

Wherever people meet, there will always be hungry people—and what better way to reach the people than with a big rolling kitchen?

Whether it's in public areas like festivals, concerts, fairs, stadiums, malls, parks, on city streets, these fully custom-designed mobile kitchens and culinary education centers can feature kid-friendly cooking stations, educational media, and highly trained culinary experts that get mouths watering and wallets opening.

A Mobile Marketing Food tour creates an interactive consumer experience that can occur in multiple locations across the nation. These mobile marketing tours maximize national awareness and local participation surrounding unique campaigns—a delicious idea indeed.

Like a rolling billboard—experiential food truck marketing tours connect with people directly by targeting locations that are ideal for your demographics. TideSmart designs and delivers transformative experiences using Mobile Experiential Vehicles–from educating the nation on healthy eating to hydrating the audience of the SXSW festival with refreshing Ozarka water.