Roadshow Marketing Tour: Taking Your Brand to the Fans


How do you stand out with so many brands crowding your target demographic? You go with the crowd – and that means going where the fans go.

Mobile experiential tours bring people together with memorable and engaging experiences that inspire positive a relationship between people and your brand. But you need to “rock” your audience.

Meeting your audience where they already are such as at festivals, concerts, and sporting events—especially world-famous events like SXSW — puts your brand in front of the eyes of the world.

Successful multidimensional mobile experiential tours get people talking (and acting on it). They do so by creating unique and exciting experiences that convey your brand's message. Using eye-catching graphic wraps, state-of-the-art technology like VR/AR, and interactive activities is bound to leave a lasting impression and even convert visitors into customers.

Mobile experiential marketing tours create memorable experiences your customers will love. TideSmart uses custom vehicles, traveling event sets, and touring staff, to craft immersive turnkey experiences that take your brand directly to B2C/B2B audiences across the country to drive brand growth, build communities, and inspire consumer action.