Mobile Health Tours: The Dollars and Sense of Healthy Employees


Employee health and wellness has a proven return on investment. With mobile health screenings any company can be on its way to a healthier, more productive future.


Workforce well-being leads to significantly higher employee retention and reduces the associated expenses by decreasing insurance costs. Companies that invest in their workers’ health will see fewer disability and workers’ compensation claims.


Health and wellness-focused organizations have more productive employees. With a 40% increase in employee productivity, health and wellness will help to create a growing, thriving business. Increased ascension, fewer sick days, and a decrease in employee dissatisfaction make for a happier, hardworking team.


Mobile health and wellness programs provide an opportunity for employees to engage in health and wellness screenings, vaccinations, and more. Highly qualified screeners can gather a small drop of blood to identify and monitor health conditions like heart disease. Height, weight, blood pressure, and Body Mass Index tests will help employees determine their risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, and diabetes.


Mobile health tours need to pass rigorous on-site laboratory surveys, certifications, and accreditations. Pursuing CLIA (rhymes with Maria) certification demonstrates that a mobile health tour will meet the federal regulations for clinical diagnostic testing, ensuring quality and safety in the laboratory and laboratory results. And COLA accreditation shows that the mobile health tour applies the highest standards of quality in day-to-day operations, demonstrating continued accuracy in the performance of proficiency testing. These steps are essential to the quality service provided by mobile laboratory screenings.


Initiatives like Maine’s “Vaccinationland” Sweepstakes offer a mobile solution tailored to any organization and its unique needs which will organize your mobile vaccination clinic from start to finish providing highly qualified nurses and equipment.