Distributed Marketing 101 More Than Just a Platform: It’s a Program

Distributed marketing program

If you’re looking to streamline marketing for your multi-location brand, you need more than just a platform. You need a program.


TideSmart combines automation, user support, and centralized fulfillment to deliver turnkey distributed marketing programs. This solution maintains control at the corporate level, delivering value for every stakeholder.


So, what makes it a program?


  • Scales to empower franchisees with services and tools to grow their business.
  • Consolidates providers and associated utilization/performance metrics.
  • Saves in overhead (streamlined management) and hard goods (purchasing power with our preferred providers).
  • Supports franchisees with a Help Desk for technical questions and marketing professionals to offer expertise.


Of course, the platform is included too.


The site is stylized to create a brand-specific experience. This can be personalized to accommodate different user groups such as varying brands, corporate employees vs. franchise users, etc. Customization includes defining the logo, colors, fonts, site content, etc.


The Catalog serves as a one-stop-shop to meet all the marketing needs of the franchisee. Services that may currently be dispersed among multiple platforms can be aggregated here. For example, digital marketing services, branded merchandise, print collateral, downloadable radio scripts, grand opening kits, and more can all be consolidated and fulfilled within one program. Our preferred partner network can be activated or legacy vendors can be integrated.


Individual location details such as website, logo, and address prepopulate templates based on franchisee profiles. If no further customization is desired (or allowed) the user can order their customized item without the need to edit and head straight to checkout with familiar e-commerce UX.


Customizable ad elements can include color themes, images, copy, coupons, maps, and more.

Our sophisticated platform technology displays user edits in real-time and collects proof approval as part of the turnkey ordering process so ordered items can go straight to production.

Brand standards are maintained with “just right” customization options blending flexibility with corporate requirements.


There’s too much to say about this program’s capabilities in the space of one blog, but with features like sophisticated ad building, measured activity reporting, marketing development funds (MDF) management, and a responsive support team there’s a lot to talk about—so stay tuned!


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