Over the past two decades, TideSmart has grown to become the nation’s leader in healthy engagements, using experiential marketing, clinical delivery and insights to transform brand experiences.

We’re proud to be independent, without the bureaucracy and “profit-first” mentality of a conglomerate. We offer national-caliber capabilities, but it’s our agility, senior leadership involvement (every client, every project) and inherent cost efficiencies – the kind that come naturally for an independent – that truly set us apart.

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Our work and our way are intertwined. From our office staff to our field network – thousands of highly-trained professionals and brand ambassadors – we believe that exceptional people make anything possible.

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Our values







What We Believe

I believe now is the time for community leaders to make the transition from talking about sustainability to building sustainability. Stephen M. Woods, President & CEO

What We Believe

When you’re marketing a healthcare product or service, you’re also promoting healthy change. As a result, each interaction represents a profound opportunity. Stephen M. Woods, President & CEO

Our green campus

We built our campus with both our mission and values in mind. Eco-friendly, featuring solar power, electric vehicle charging stations, water reclamation, and more. Health-focused, from our onsite fitness center to green spaces. Purpose-built, from our medical-grade logistics center to our integrated radio studio. You don’t build one of the only passive (net positive) office structures in New England to meet basic functional needs – you do it to embrace change.