Featuring one of the few “net positive” facilities in New England, our eco-friendly campus was purpose-built to support our varied business interests, reflect our commitment to sustainability and provide a principled backdrop for likeminded people.

Built to promote our craft and protect the environment, our campus is so much more than where we work – it’s a living symbol of what we believe and our belief in this business. Agencies are rarely willing or able to make a lasting investment in “place”.

Personal health and environmental health are intertwined in today’s world and every day we strive to promote and support both – with passion.

Stephen M. Woods, President & CEO
We were the kids that drove our parents crazy with a thousand variations of the amorphous question, “Why?” Now as agency partner to world famous brands, we are just as curious and relentless in our desire to challenge past assumptions and drive future change. Stephen M. Woods, President & CEO
Individual character and organizational integrity are fundamental tenets here at TideSmart. Honor, loyalty, compassion, trustworthiness, respect, discipline and grit, defining our operating system.

Stephen M. Woods, President & CEO

Explore our facilities

Viridescent building

One of the only “net positive” structures in New England, the “V-House” houses our Creative Team.

Solar panels

The campus is solar powered – we generate most of the energy required to sustain our operations.

Charging stations

We make on campus electric vehicle charging stations available to the general public, to help reduce our community’s carbon footprint.

Planned office building (2021)

We’ve already done the site work on incremental space to support our growth efforts, designed with green principles in mind.

Community greenhouse (2021)

Our future plans also include a greenhouse to nurture interest in sustainability, among our employees and for community use.

Logistics center

Our medical grade warehouse space provides storage and fulfillment solutions geared towards healthcare providers and medical manufacturers.

Production studio

We offer a “radio quality” production studio to record and engineer podcasts, radio spots, video voiceovers, testimonial capture and more.

Main office

Featuring contemporary furniture and fixtures, with unique amenities (green space, fitness center, etc.), our offices reflect our work and way.

Going green

From green technologies to green space, our campus celebrates the healthy ethos central to our mission and focus. Every year, our campus operations offset 127,672 lbs. of CO2, the equivalent of saving 13,598 trees, through:

  • Solar power
  • Water reclamation
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Motion sensitive lighting
  • Radiant heating
  • Other efforts

Our “Viridescent Building” is one of the first net-positive structures in all of New England, generating more power than it uses. The Viridescent Building has been featured in numerous publications, including a Maine Home & Design magazine feature article.

TideSmart Experiential Headquarters


Located in southern Connecticut, this campus focuses on events, engagements, and activations that generate awareness, affinity, and increased sales for some of the biggest global brands.