Little things mean a lot

We’ve all heard the saying: It’s the little things that make a difference. The “little things” can also define who you are as a person or a brand. Interestingly, some of humanity’s greatest achievements were born from small innovations and adjustments. Put simply, “little things” sometimes mean a lot.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of medical sharps, HTL-STREFA develops, manufactures and sells safety lancets, personal lancets, and pen needles for insulin injection. Their commitment to advancing the diabetes injection experience is demonstrated by the new Droplet Micron pen needle.

At 34G x3.5mm, Droplet Micron is the shortest and thinnest pen needle, ever – designed specifically to alleviate the pain and anxiety people with diabetes experience surrounding their injections. In order for this “little” product to capture the hearts and minds of its primary audiences – people with diabetes and Healthcare professionals – HTL-STREFA and Promerica Health partnered to launch the Droplet Micron.

Spanning strategy, branding, direct marketing, experiential and web/mobile efforts, this immersive and emotive campaign was the first of its kind. In a category often seen as transactional and overly clinical, Droplet Micron chose a more engaging and empathetic approach – one that still showcases their product innovations, but really focuses on the personal experience that surrounds its use. As a result, the world’s thinnest and smallest pen needle is now poised to make a big impact.

Because with Droplet Micron, what you see is what you feel.   

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