Your show on the road

For decades, medical marketers and healthcare professionals have relied on live events – trade shows, conferences and meetings – to connect and explore collaboration opportunities. Unfortunately, “face to face” has new and unwelcome connotations in the era of COVID-19, leading most event audiences and organizers to postpone or cancel their planned engagements.

For some, virtual events offer an alternative path, and advances in virtual exhibiting and video conferencing have dramatically improved the efficacy of these online interactions. However, both sellers and buyers are typically relegated to lesser outcomes – to educate and learn, versus making a deal – in the absence of product demonstration and interaction. Ultimately, it’s hard to advocate for new, different and often expensive equipment and solutions without a tactile experience, and “touch” is very tricky right now.

To help our clients safely overcome these obstacles, we’re moving their exhibit marketing programs to “mobile exhibit” platforms. Sometimes called “roadshows,” “mobile showrooms” or “mobile marketing tours,” these traveling programs house immersive brand experiences inside trailers, containers, buses and other vehicle formats. From product displays to content delivery, telehealth-enabled interactions (with remote SMEs) to climate control, each “showroom” is carefully designed to deliver the desired prospect experience.

Perhaps more importantly, this experience is delivered directly to them – typically from their corporate parking lot. In an era of travel restrictions, among an audience of healthcare professionals that is often too busy to travel anyway, delivering innovation to their doorstep makes a big difference.

The controlled nature of these interactions – in a closed system, for specifically invited prospects – also allows us to mitigate the safety risks that currently surround other “face to face” experiences. From PPE provision to onboard air filtration systems, “health verification” efforts (pre-screening of vehicle visitors) to medical-grade cleaning guidelines, we’ve developed strict COVID-19 safety protocols informed by medical oversight.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to trade shows, it may be time to take your show on the road – and when trade shows, conferences and meetings resume, you’ll already have a unique (mobile) exhibit to anchor your event presence and impress your prospects. Don’t let this pandemic stand in the way of your progress.

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