Safety and service in the balance

Always stressful, this year’s hurricane season, has the potential to be one of the busiest on record according to NOAA’s latest forecast. Added pandemic-related concerns will make navigating these potential natural disasters even more problematic. But then, what hasn’t gotten more complicated since the declaration of this COVID-19 national emergency in mid-March?

Our pandemic-induced “new normal” will add a layer of challenges to those in the hurricane impact zones, including field operations teams sent to assist with response and recovery efforts.

Safety is always the top priority for any company that must send its people into potential harm’s way. Promerica Health is partnering with insurance carriers, disaster damage remediation contractors, and utility providers to ensure that field teams are ready and able to do their jobs in environments potentially infected with viral contagions.

Promerica Health has been on the front lines of health and catastrophic disasters. Our mobile health teams have conducted over 3 million health screenings, while our emergency preparedness team is informed by FEMA guidelines and ISO standards, with real-world disaster management experience dating back to Hurricane Katrina.

What does that mean for companies deploying disaster response and recovery teams of all types? With our proven track record of medical compliance and high-touch client engagement, Promerica Health can help your company manage many of the issues exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling field operations teams to focus on what they do best. We can help strategically and tactically with field team deployments, even to known COVID-19 hot spots. We continually assess health risks on the ground and provide actionable recommendations that draw on state, federal, and international standards and best practices.

From implementing COVID-19 safety protocols, to the real-time health verification of team members and those they must interact with, we can help. We can provide PPE fulfillment services for all aspects of field team deployments and manage any isolation or quarantine needs. We can even co-brand or use white label solutions for our entire involvement to allow both public and private sector entities to leverage our customer service expertise to enhance their brands and messaging.

Wherever lives are in the balance, Promerica Health is ready to deploy.

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