TideSmart and Reveal partner to offer F2F CX insights solution

June 29­­, 2021 – Falmouth, Maine, USA and Ra’anana, Israel TideSmart and Reveal announced they have partnered to offer Reveal’s enterprise-grade analytics solution, F2F.AI, to US-based companies. Reveal’s solution records face-to-face interactions between customers and employees for competitive intelligence, sentiment, compliance, training, bias management and other operational needs.

Reveal is the leading analytics technology for face-to-face interactions and transactions – the blind-spot in the customer journey – which are currently monitored regularly in call centers and online interactions. F2F.AI is a simple-to-use SaaS solution that leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to consistently enhance the quality of its business and performance insights, including customer satisfaction. From each recording, clients can identify the direct correlation between sentiment, sales and service. Each unique transaction is captured on a device, uploaded to the cloud, with near real-time insights available to clients on their own dashboard.

Yaniv Shmuel, CEO and Reveal’s founder, said: “TideSmart’s grasp on the importance of face-to-face engagement between customers and companies sets them apart in their approach to customer experience analytics. Because Reveal embodies their philosophy in our technology and we share the same vision, our cooperation is highly strategic. TideSmart’s initial projects using F2F.AI are very creative and will produce immediate results for their customers and our partnership.”

Stephen M. Woods, President and CEO of TideSmart said, “There is such an incredible synergy between TideSmart and Reveal. Until now, for any activation, event or experience, the last mile of conversational intelligence has been missing. Our partnership with Reveal will enable us to provide our clients with real-time insights into what’s working and not working with their brand. This is incredibly powerful.”

“Providing a high-touch experience in the face-to-face encounters between customers and companies will drive the management of customer experience to a new level. We expect this will be most profound in healthcare and hospitality sectors, as well as financial services, where Reveal’s multilingual capabilities will prove invaluable,” Woods added.

About TideSmartSince 2003, TideSmart has focused on creating and managing experiences for our clients. Our award-winning agency is bringing innovation in wellness, insights, and activation experiences. From retail to restaurants, corporate headquarters to hospitals, special events to sporting arenas, we are present wherever people come together.  TideSmart operates from a unique eight-acre, eco-friendly campus in Falmouth, Maine.  For more information visit

About Reveal: Reveal is a pioneer in AI-based, face-to-face (F2F) analytics, focusing its expertise where service company representatives have the greatest and most immediate impact on customer service, sales, and loyalty. F2F.AI is Reveal’s enterprise-grade, cloud-based SaaS solution enabling organizations to capture essential data and produce relevant business insights, completing the comprehensive digital picture of F2F business interactions and transactions. The Company’s global customer base, crossing a wide range of industries, employs Reveal F2F.AI to obtain valuable insights for Revenue Generation, Customer Experience, Compliance and Risk Management, Competitive Intelligence, Bias Management, Training and other key operational areas. For more information, contact

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