Solar powered. People centered.

For many businesses, “the office” is simply a place to work – a place where work happens. At TideSmart Global, our work is experiential, and we’ve done our best to create a place that celebrates and inspires the thoughtful, meaningful experiences we create every day. From green technologies to green space, our campus showcases the determined details that have become the hallmark of our agencies.

And while details differentiate us, it is people that inspire us. As a collection of agencies that focus on the moments that connect audiences to new products, noted brands, worthy causes and big ideas, we like to say we’re in the “people business.” It is a business where emotion is the required investment, and trust is the desired outcome. The same is true of any business; we want everyone connected to TideSmart Global to believe in what we’re doing and where we’re going. So we’ve built a place worth believing in, so that our people can build experiences worthy of your audience.

Our campus, like our business, is not the biggest on the block. It’s not on Madison Avenue, Michigan Avenue or any avenue, for that matter. There is no elevator and no skyline view. But there is a special vibe, the product of extraordinary people collaborating in a place designed to celebrate them. A place that has been recognized for excellence in both sustainability (“Eco-Excellence Award”) and employment practices (“Best Places to Work in Maine”). A place built for people – people that build unique experiences, and appreciate the same.

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