On the Move: How Mobile Experiential Marketing Tours Reach Audiences Everywhere

In the competitive world of marketing, the ability to reach your audience where they are is paramount. Mobile experiential marketing tours have emerged as a powerful strategy, allowing brands to break free from the constraints of traditional marketing channels and meet their audience in the heart of communities across the nation, capturing valuable impressions far…

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Distributed Marketing 101: Responsive Support

Customer Support, Helpdesk

Let’s face it, no matter how smooth your platform runs, no matter how intuitive the UI is, no matter how user-friendly or accessible, someone, somewhere needs a little help. Sometimes people need a friendly voice and some patient step-by-step guidance. Or maybe an escalation point to resolve an issue. Responsive support in the form of…

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Distributed Marketing 101: The Importance of Custom Creative

Distributed marketing (or through-channel marketing) is crucial to business operations for multi-location brands. In this series, we’ve been exploring ways to utilize distributed marketing effectively and one critical element worth discussing is the importance of custom (localized) creative. Custom creative is essential in the world of distributed marketing for several reasons. As distributed marketing involves…

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Distributed Marketing 101 More Than Just a Platform: It’s a Program

Distributed marketing program

If you’re looking to streamline marketing for your multi-location brand, you need more than just a platform. You need a program.   TideSmart combines automation, user support, and centralized fulfillment to deliver turnkey distributed marketing programs. This solution maintains control at the corporate level, delivering value for every stakeholder.   So, what makes it a…

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Who needs an “A”, when getting a “B” means so much more?

B Corp

Since its founding in 2003, TideSmart has always strived to be good and do good. From how we treat our people and clients to how we treat the planet at our energy-efficient campus in Falmouth, Maine. But the events of the last few years have seen us double down on our efforts and reflect on…

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Mobile Product Sampling: A Showcase on Wheels

Mobile Product Sampling

Mobile product sampling tours have become increasingly popular as a marketing tool in recent years—and for good reason. They offer numerous benefits that can help companies to achieve their marketing goals and connect with consumers in a unique and impactful way. Explore the key benefits of mobile product sampling tours and why they are a…

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Hitting the Streets: 6 Benefits of Mobile Marketing Tours

Metabo Mobile Tour

Are you introducing a new product to the world? Are you seeking ways to improve or create engagement with their target markets? The best way to do that is with a mobile marketing tour. Mobile marketing tours have the power to expose new people and markets to your brand. Mobile marketing tours offer several benefits,…

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Mobile Health Tours: The Dollars and Sense of Healthy Employees

Employee health and wellness has a proven return on investment. With mobile health screenings any company can be on its way to a healthier, more productive future.   Workforce well-being leads to significantly higher employee retention and reduces the associated expenses by decreasing insurance costs. Companies that invest in their workers’ health will see fewer…

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Technology and Mobile Experiential Marketing

Ford mobile tour

We live in a technologically connected world. That’s why leading brands incorporate technology into their mobile experiential activations to connect with consumers in new and exciting ways. Immersive and interactive experiences connect the brand’s message. Incorporating different forms of technology within a mobile experiential tour can help improve the quality of your visitor experience, better…

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