On behalf of everyone at TideSmart Global and our companies, thank you for taking a moment to get to know us. As a student of the human experience, I know just how precious moments have become for all of us. From the hyper-connected nature of the world we live in, to the unique challenges that surround every interaction in the midst of COVID-19, real engagement is more elusive than ever before.

For more than 30 years, I have had the rare privilege of crafting experiences for some of the most consequential brands in the world. From product launches to health promotion, at-risk audiences to affluent consumers, I’ve seen how experiences impact varied audiences in different ways. These differences are important, but it’s the similarities we share that fuel the true power of experience. More than patients or providers, consumers or clients, we are people first, and we all crave a higher level of personal attention and personalized engagement than most businesses and brands currently offer.

So at the risk of betraying a trade secret, here is the simple truth at the root of every impactful human experience: Emotional investment. Regardless of your desired outcome – to drive a purchase, close a deal, inspire a lifestyle change or even secure a first date – you have to convince your audience that you’re worthy of their time and attention. To do so, you have the meet them on their terms, acknowledging their needs and following their lead. Put more simply, a successful experience always belongs “to them.” If they find the interaction rewarding, you’re more likely to enjoy immediate results and build a lasting relationship.

The same is true of partnerships, and I’ve long endeavored to ensure that our clients truly enjoy the experience of working with our companies and employees. It is very easy for both agencies and clients to get lost in the work; tight deadlines and persistent profit pressures inform and inflame this reality. These forces are particularly powerful within conglomerate agencies, where growth in revenues – not relationships – is the primary goal. I know this – I’ve lived it. Although I respect the breadth of resources and creative capabilities that some of our larger competitors enjoy, we’ve succeeded because we’ve put building relationships before the bottom line.

Similarly, I’m focused in the experience of working at TideSmart Global, Promerica Health, EMG3 and Confidential Consumer. You can see it in our campus, where continuing investments in sustainability, medical-grade facilities and contemporary technologies are made to both enable and inspire work. You can see it in our talent, a collection of experienced professionals reflecting a diversity of skillsets and areas of interest – many of them expatriates from bigger cities and “bigtime” backgrounds, attracted to Maine for other reasons (the ocean, the lakes, the quality of life) but eager to continue their professional growth. Because we’re focused on our employees’ personal goals and work to exceed their expectations every day, our clients reap the benefits of happy people doing work they truly love.

I’m also mindful that moments are fleeting – and that you’ve now spent more than a few reading this letter. So let me leave you with one final thought, learned through thousands of personal experiences and millions of curated interactions: When people come together, and commit to trusting one another in shared pursuits, there is no limit to what’s possible. This is especially true for the “get it done” people that embrace the noble and noteworthy big challenges of life – including today’s health crisis. We are those people. Chances are, if you’re still reading this letter, you are too.

Thank you.

Stephen M. Woods
President & Chief Executive Officer
TideSmart Global