Distributed Marketing 101: Responsive Support

Customer Support, Helpdesk

Let’s face it, no matter how smooth your platform runs, no matter how intuitive the UI is, no matter how user-friendly or accessible, someone, somewhere needs a little help. Sometimes people need a friendly voice and some patient step-by-step guidance. Or maybe an escalation point to resolve an issue. Responsive support in the form of…

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Distributed Marketing 101: The Importance of Custom Creative

Distributed marketing (or through-channel marketing) is crucial to business operations for multi-location brands. In this series, we’ve been exploring ways to utilize distributed marketing effectively and one critical element worth discussing is the importance of custom (localized) creative. Custom creative is essential in the world of distributed marketing for several reasons. As distributed marketing involves…

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Distributed Marketing 101 More Than Just a Platform: It’s a Program

Distributed marketing program

If you’re looking to streamline marketing for your multi-location brand, you need more than just a platform. You need a program.   TideSmart combines automation, user support, and centralized fulfillment to deliver turnkey distributed marketing programs. This solution maintains control at the corporate level, delivering value for every stakeholder.   So, what makes it a…

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