Letter from
Steve Woods
Steve Woods, President & CEO - TideSmart Global

Stephen M. Woods
President & CEO

On behalf of everyone at TideSmart Global, thank you for sharing a moment with us as you explore our website and, more importantly, our people and purpose.

Today’s marketing challenges require an equal balance of “Art” (imagination, curiosity, voice & vision) and “Science” (executional excellence, attention to detail, logistical reverence.) At TideSmart - our success as the #1 experiential marketing group in the U.S. was born from a constant and tireless commitment to excellence in all areas of our business, and within the fabric of our relationships with clients, partners and colleagues.

For 15 years, we’ve been given the opportunity to make every moment matter – for enlightened brands, within the ever-changing marketing landscape, and always with an eye towards the future, one where the view of our horizon continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Our evolution and growth are directly linked to our ability to continually adapt as an agency partner specializing in: Sports & entertainment marketing, retail marketing, product sampling, mobile marketing, local marketing, automotive activation, CPG, healthcare, customer acquisition and more.

At TideSmart, we look at emotional connection as our mission and the energy behind our purpose. Product innovators increasingly work to inspire it. Mature brands seek to reignite it. Consumer interest and customer loyalty demand it. Across our varied business units and disciplines, we spend our time, with tireless focus, making these connections.

We do so from the only solar-powered, sustainable and agency-owned campus in the country. Virtually every agency purports to provide “green” marketing services and insights; At TideSmart, we live it, breathe it, LED light it, radiant heat it, compost it, and power it (via our on-campus EV charging stations), every single day.

Our environmental efforts also reflect a deeper truth; we are at our best when we can make a meaningful impact. This is especially true when we focus our expertise on driving health and wellness outcomes. Every year, we connect with millions of patients, HCPs and other healthcare stakeholders on their terms at thousands of locations. We are licensed to conduct our own biometric health screenings. Provide vaccinations. Capture and share PHI using HIPAA-compliant systems. You won’t find another agency that combines connecting and caring in such compelling ways.

Thank you again for your interest in TideSmart Global and for taking a moment to learn about us!

Stephen M. Woods
Founder & CEO