Change the Paradigm

When it comes to “brand experience,” the “bottom line” really matters.

In a world where brand success is increasingly defined by customer experience, many marketers are caught between the pressure to deliver deeper engagement and the heightened scrutiny that surrounds related spending. Some seek the relative safety of big agencies, while others pursue the promise of savings through “boutique” providers. As further described in the white paper below, each choice has consequences. We’ve built our agency to bridge the gap. Let us help you change the agency paradigm.

Witness The Event

Through highlights from Steve Woods’ presentation to procurement and marketing professionals, learn how cost inefficiencies in conglomerate agencies are driving a necessary change in the agency-selection paradigm.

Read The Whitepaper

TideSmart President & CEO Steve Woods explains how to deliver increased quality and value while reducing marketing budgets by as much as 32%.

Experiential Audit

Want to realize savings, improve outcomes or both? Through a comprehensive audit, we can observe, identify, assess and recommend potential adjustments to deliver better experiential outcomes for your brand. From field audits to consumer polling, ROI analysis to process engineering and competitive sourcing, we help brands with existing agencies or in-house teams evolve their experiential programs. We believe that “changing the paradigm” begins with actionable insights.

Our Work

TideSmart Global has been in the business of experience since before “experiential” became a buzzword. Through our network of experiential agencies and providers, we are focused on the evaluation, conception, development and execution of compelling experiences – the kind that build connections and change behaviors among key audiences.

About TideSmart Global

Founded in 2003, TideSmart Global (TSG) has grown to become one of the largest and most decorated independent agencies in the United States. Operating from a unique, eco-friendly campus in Maine, TSG primarily serves Fortune 500 companies, including some of the biggest and best performing brands in the world.

As an integrated marketing agency, TSG combines experiential strategies with unique capabilities – from local marketing to content creation, analytics to fulfillment – to meet the evolving needs of modern marketers.

Next Steps