Barcelona Wine Bar


Barcelona Wine Bar is an award-winning tapas restaurant focusing on authentic Spanish food with dozens of locations across the eastern U.S. Barcelona, which had doubled in size over the last few years, had a desire to maintain service standards across all locations as they continue to grow.


Confidential Consumer recommended mystery dining (shopping) visits at each location occurring multiple times per week and which featured varied meal occasions (brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night meals).

Our “diners” assessed food, beverage and service quality, in addition to testing staff demonstration of approved responses to common customer scenarios.


Detailed reports helped identify “manager interaction” and “allergy awareness” as their most challenging areas to maintain, leading to training refinement and further staff engagement at the locations that needed this most.

By targeting areas of improvement and incorporating these findings into their ongoing training efforts, our client’s customer satisfaction levels remained within 2% of their starting level despite significant and ongoing expansion efforts.