Clif Bar


Clif Bar & Company crafts nutritious and organic food including CLIF BAR®, CLIF Kid® and LUNA® Bar. Family and employee-owned, the company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and the planet.


Clif Bar & Company wanted to gain insight into consumer perceptions of their new Fruit Smoothie Filled Bars during and after their presence at the 2018 Bolder Boulder 10k event.


Confidential Consumer executed a two-stage approach to gathering insights, deploying brand ambassadors to intercept consumers for in-person surveys at the event, as well as targeting all race participants post-event with an online survey.


Consumers indicated a mixed response about the texture of the new product, along with limited post-sampling flavor recall, both of which drove Clif to directly reconsider formula, product description, and positioning relative to its other products.

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