Eco-friendly climate-controlled storage & logistic solutions


Everything we do is rooted in the pursuit of excellence right down to the last detail. With a 10,000-square-foot, eco-friendly, climate-controlled, and secure storage warehouse, TideSmart Logistics (TSL) has the tools and expertise to handle all logistics needs – large and small.

Solar power panels and natural landscape in sunny summer, Asia

Environmentally Friendly

Built with eco-friendly features, including a Solar Voltaic power system, radiant heat and other LEED elements, our storage facility is optimized to run as efficiently as possible, lowering our costs and yours.



A temperature between 64 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained inside the storage facility at all times with less than 50% relative humidity.



The warehouse logistics center is monitored 24/7 by video surveillance to ensure safe storage for your products and goods. We are licensed and bonded and fully OSHA compliant.


Inventory Management

TideSmart Logistics is built for inventory management solutions, providing our clients a smooth and seamless exchange of inventory into and out of our facility.

Ground level and standard loading docks

Professional inventory evaluations

Contract Storage

If you have basic contract storage needs, TideSmart Logistics is the perfect solution. Our facility provides a far better experience than our competitors.

Single pallet to large-scale storage and management

Customized long or short term contracts

Assets are housed in an eco-friendly, secure, and climate-controlled environment


Kitting & Fulfillment

Kitting and fulfillment is a specialty solution and one where we are best in class.

Handle the smallest of projects up to kitting and shipping units in the thousands

Turn-key pick and pack services

Flexible white-glove service

Handle all shipping services or utilize any service you have

Pharmaceutical Storage

If you have clinical inventory or overflow that needs a home with full chain-of-custody management, TideSmart Logistics has the experience and certifications you need.

Clinical inventory or overflow storage

Non-hazardous materials storage and management

Three independent and secure climate-controlled bays

Chain-of-custody documentation


Tradeshow Management

TideSmart Logistics offers safe and secure trade show display storage and transportation, with easy access and friendly, professional staff. Our turn-key solutions for trade show management includes:

Trade show display storage

Booth transportation, exhibit pickup, trade show shipping, setup, and logistics

Exhibit management and consultation

Pre- and post-tradeshow event inventory evaluations

Visual and written status check of assets

Maintenance and repair recommendations or service

Marketing & Procurement

TideSmart Logistics can help you and your company with a wide variety of marketing services. We provide you with access to the latest in printing solutions, trending premiums, and marketing solutions so you know you will look good at your next event.

Printed materials



Premiums & giveaways


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