We make the “last mile” of marketing more impactful


TideSmart offers a platform-enabled, people-powered approach to hyper-local marketing, combining corporate brand compliancy with local partner relevancy. We help multi-location retailers, branch and practice network franchises, co-ops, and related organizations simplify and maximize their distributed marketing programs.

Hyper-Local Capabilities


Platform Functionality

Already relied upon by thousands of users, our SAAS platform makes it easy to order, customize, and deploy local marketing:

Brandable, Configurable UI

Real-Time Asset Customization

Integrated Funds Management

Dedicated Technical Support

Helpdesk Support 

Our team combines customer service and media expertise to meet every need:

General Support (Login, Use, etc.)

Media Strategy/Consultation

Order Fulfillment/Tracking

Funds/Payment Inquiries

customer serv2

Omnichannel Delivery

In acknowledgement of the varied nature of local marketing, we offer the broadest tactical “toolkit” in the industry:

Digital (Search, Social, Mobile, etc.)

Traditional (TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc.)

Community (Outdoor, Events, Direct Mail, etc.)

Branded Merchandise & More

Turnkey Management

From administrative management to detailed reporting, we make it easy for “parent” brands to enable partners:

Brand Compliancy

Funds Management

Monthly Reporting & QBRs

Continuous Improvement

Distributed marketing program

Key Building Blocks

To meet the personal needs of thousands of users and millions of community members, we leverage:

Brand Compliance: Distributed marketing, multi-location marketing, agency, advertising.

Proven Platform

Marketing Automation: Distributed marketing, multi-location marketing, MarTech, Franchise Marketing, scalable marketing, TCMA.

User Customization


Specialists & Consultants

Creative Production: Distributed marketing, multi-location marketing, MarTech, agency, advertising, scalable marketing.

Creative Support

Configurable platform: distributed marketing, multi-location marketing, agency, advertising, franchise marketing, MarTech, scalable marketing.

Process Automation

Local Media: digital media, marketing, agency, advertising.

Provider Network


Client Success Teams

Funds Management: co-op funds, marketing development funds, MDF, budget management, agency.

Dashboard Reporting

Case studies

We leverage talent and technology to turn local marketing solutions into personal relationships.

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