Who needs an “A”, when getting a “B” means so much more?

B Corp

Since its founding in 2003, TideSmart has always strived to be good and do good. From how we treat our people and clients to how we treat the planet at our energy-efficient campus in Falmouth, Maine. But the events of the last few years have seen us double down on our efforts and reflect on the impact our operations have on the planet and the people we work with.

Bottom lines were once aligned to profit only—not anymore. We’re using business as a force for good to balance profit with purpose for the health of the people and the planet. Integrating energy-efficient vehicles, recycled and biodegradable materials, and partnerships with like-minded vendors that have sustainable practices in place, allows TideSmart the opportunity to promote sustainability not only WHERE we work but HOW we work.

In becoming a B Corp-certified company, TideSmart is reaffirming its commitment to continuous improvement in building memorable experiences that are inclusive and sustainable. B Corp certification measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance on its workers, customers, community, and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability demonstrates our purpose and the values we prioritize, and we hope this will be reflected in the clients we work with.

Earning B Corp certification is a rigorous process, with applicants required to reach certain benchmark scores while providing evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices relating to energy supplies, waste and water use, staff compensation, diversity, and corporate transparency. With planet-friendly practices and environmental initiatives, TideSmart is leading by example and helping the companies we work with implement sustainable practices into their marketing efforts too.

There are currently only 17 certified B Corporations in Maine. TideSmart wears its B Corp badge with pride, and we encourage others to join us in creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and healthy planet.

We’re proud to be “B” students, and we’re turning the tide on unsustainable events.