Distributed Marketing 101: Responsive Support

Customer Support, Helpdesk

Let’s face it, no matter how smooth your platform runs, no matter how intuitive the UI is, no matter how user-friendly or accessible, someone, somewhere needs a little help. Sometimes people need a friendly voice and some patient step-by-step guidance. Or maybe an escalation point to resolve an issue.

Responsive support in the form of customer success, customer support, and customer experience specialists can make all the difference at every point of the customer journey.

It’s all about Accessibility.

At TideSmart, our support team offers both technical and consultative support using phone, email, and live chat. When customers really need someone else to take the wheel, support specialists utilize video calls, can take remote control of a user’s screen, and guide them through any points of friction. Step-by-step. Accessible customer support representatives break down barriers to success by offering real-time solutions.

Quick Response Times.

Working against specific Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) that govern time-to-first-reply, periodic updates, and other ticket “events” - customers, clients, and partners are getting quick and effective service. Our reply time averages less than 2 hours and our customer satisfaction rate averages 98% or higher. An effective distributive marketing program requires strong SLAs and regular performance reporting to validate confidence that systems are working.


Enterprise clients should have full visibility on communication with their locations. This visibility can expedite time to resolution and create opportunities for quick redirection. It’s also a time-saver when a client stakeholder needs to research the history of communication with a particular location. TideSmart solves this by offering a Help Desk Portal for clients to peek in at ticket activity, look up correspondence with a specific location, and even create or reply to tickets (if desired).

Over time this friendly, professional back and forth between customer support and program end users is the foundation that builds trust and relationships. These relationships lead to increased program utilization. Ultimately prioritizing customer success is prioritizing business success, leading to happy customers and recurring revenue.

Take a look at some of TideSmart’s capabilities here.


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