Product Sampling: Raising Brand Awareness with a Premium Gift


Who doesn't love a free sample?


It may seem obvious but giving a customer a trial, a sample, a chance to experience the product is an incredible driver of sales.

The primary objective of a product sampling or trial campaign is to drive product trials while maximizing brand awareness. Pairing that with key purchase periods such as holidays is an effective way to bring a sense of celebration to the trial experience.

"Welcome to the store, have a treat."

"Congratulations on buying that new car, here's a thank you gift."

TideSmart's “Dream Center Network” (DCN) Affiliate Program is an example of a product sampling campaign. The DCN approach involved the identification, recruitment, and administration of a voluntary collection of non-traditional business partners that each agreed to distribute complimentary sample bags of truffles to their patrons.

The network grew to almost 3000 small businesses including florists, salons, boutiques, and more who positioned sample bags as a “thank you gift” for local patrons.

This network of businesses allowed thousands of people to deliver samples in a cost-effective way.

Product sampling also generates in-market buzz and creates new, non-traditional distribution opportunities.

Through just one initiative, TideSmart delivered millions of targeted samples to consumers which corresponded to strong coupon redemption and noteworthy sales lift in each activation market showing the power of product sampling as a highly effective marketing tool.