Awareness + Experience = Transformation

Man poses in front of Sylvania truck at a mobile marketing activation.

Maybe you've heard the adage "transformation begins with awareness plus experience." Not just seeing or hearing, but doing. This rings true not just in places like education and self-help, but in getting the message across to potential customers and consumers everywhere.


Experiential outreach and event marketing brings the product to the people. It lets them experience something with all five senses. It wows them with a performance, a spectacle, and the ability to actually see a product in action!


Want to sell more headlights in an effort to shed light on the dangers of headlight burnout? Give people souped-up cars, innovative technologies, interactivity, and gamification. Turn your sales pitch into an event. Turn your event into a mobile road show and go on tour.


A multi-tactic, multi-sensory mobile marketing experience like TideSmart's  “The Enlightenment Tour” tour targeted venues such as sporting events, family fairs, and festivals to promote safe driving and drive up sales.


Bringing awareness to your product and combining that with real-life experience can transform an interested party into a lifelong customer.